Just look at it

Its a circle. It's got some type of pipe thing in the middle. It's got wings. It's got a cross on it, but a strange one so it's okay. And there look at that the capital building silhouette ain't she a bute.

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  • Flags are awesome

    Rep yo city yo. You seen those cool backpacks covered in patches and little flags from countries and cities all around the world? Let's put Austin on that map.

  • Brings people together

    In this day and age, we need more things that bring people together. Let us not rally around that which divides us, but rather, that which we love - our city. We can all get behind that. 

  • This one is the bomb

    Just go look at it again.
    Do it.
    It's so sickkkk.

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GOT Q'S???

WHERE'S the MoThErLoVIn FLaG?!

Doh! Coming soon yo. I can't find a printer to make flags yet. I'm thinking I could find one to make like tapestries or some type of durable square thing, and then just add the holes and rivets myself..? For right now I'm using print on demand services to print this awesome flag on a whole range of regular goods. Almost like promotional gear stuff, but I think the quality should be pretty good! Let me know in the reviews :)


I'll make a few bucks off each product sold here. If I make $300 from items sold here, I'll definitely go and find a way to produce a batch of a flyable flags!! If you want one, buy something to show me you're a fan!! 


Yep. But I'm doing it, and I got this sick domain. Ha! 
Want to be a part of it? Let's join forces! Shoot me an email :)