Paving Right on Through, Thoughts on the I35 Expansion Project

In the simmering heart of Austin, a storm brews not of the skies but of concrete and steel, a behemoth stretching its asphalt tentacles—Interstate 35. The planned expansion cuts through the city's soul like a knife through the rarest of Texas brisket, promising a future choked with the fumes of progress gone awry.

They'll tell you it's progress, it's growth. They'll sing hymns to the gods of commerce and whisper sweet nothings of traffic flow. But listen closer. That's the sound of Mother Nature gasping for breath beneath the weight of overpasses, of neighborhoods cleaved in two, of Austin's quirky heartbeat muffled under layers of tarmac.

We stand at a crossroads, my fellow Texans. One path leads down the worn-out road of the old guard, paving over paradise to put up a parking lot. The other path? It's less traveled, sure, winding through urban gardens, humming with electric buses, bustling with vibrant communities unmarred by the constant roar of traffic.

This is not about left or right. It's about looking out for our backyard, about not drowning in a sea of cars when we could be sailing on a green tide of innovation. We could be trailblazers, setting a new course for cities everywhere—where community comes before cars, where air is cleaner than our grandfathers' dreams, where every street corner hums with life, not just the distant honk of horns.

So rise up, Austin. Let's not be the city that traded its soul for a few more lanes of traffic. Let's be the city that had the guts to say "enough." Reject this monstrosity of an expansion. Let's grab our future with both hands and steer it down the path less paved. Join me in shouting loud enough for the backhoes and bulldozers to hear: "Not through our city, not on our watch!"